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The site has just been completed where a single unit, No. 2, is still available.
It involves a location where it is now very difficult to find a new-build villa in the very conveniently located Via del Tirreno that is very close to the beautiful beach of La Cinta, easily accessible to the town centre and close to the marina currently being built. Ideal for a short walk to the sea and for all the services such as supermarkets, pizzerias, restaurants, bars and much more that the lively town centre offers. In addition, completion of the marina will increase even further the range and quality of the services available complemented by the planned eateries and shops on the piers but also by the management of berths, rentals of boats (some already present on the beach) and by much more that will give the house a strategic location within the town.

It is a three-family villa with units that are completely independent from each other and with a very prestigious construction style where many of the walls are in Sardinian Yellow San Giacomo granite (the most expensive and rarest), with flowers cascading from the roof, olive trees on the terraces on the first floor and soft led lighting that is very pleasant during the evening.
It is accessed via an electric gate with a very pleasant design that leads to the parking area and where there are independent entrances for the three units.
Customers who have so far purchased units are international.

Description of the house

The parking area leads to the garden and then to the entrance of the house consisting of a solid wooden door that incorporates two horizontal yellow granite slabs. When opened, the door leads to a small inner garden where the flowers and creepers frame the walkway that leads to the house entrance patio.

  • On the ground floor: living room with kitchenette, a comfortable bedroom, a bathroom and Orosei Sardinian marble staircase with a very particular and pleasant finish that leads to the first floor, a wide porch equipped with table and chairs and seating area and garden with lawn and a comfortable whirlpool consisting of three chaise lounge and two chairs.
  • First floor: two bedrooms with pleasant bleached wooden ceilings (only aesthetic, above there is a reinforced concrete ceiling) 2 bathrooms, porch from both the bedrooms and a cantilevered external granite staircase (very pleasant) that leads to the solarium floor.
  • On the solarium floor: a pleasant terrace with sail awnings and wooden decking. Relaxation area with sofa and lounger cushions.
    A beautiful view over the sea and the surrounding hills.

Please refer to the quality section to discover all the high-quality construction details.

COMPLIANT WITH THE SPECIAL REGULATIONS GOVERNING SEISMIC AREAS: The property complies with the requirements of law on seismic regulations. Not everyone knows that the Island falls within zone 4 in the classification of seismic areas and is governed by Sardinian Regional Legislative Decree of 30/03/2004 no. 15/31. The regulations require that the building complies with the requirements in 4 areas and even for very simple support structures where reinforced concrete is employed, therefore in fact in all the buildings as they all include reinforced concrete foundations, curbs and pillars. The rules require, again in very simple structures, the appointment of an engineer or technician who must prepare the reinforced concrete calculations and submit them to the competent Civil Engineering Offices.
In addition, there must be another technician who is specifically qualified to direct the works and to implement the final testing of the work (this cannot be the same technician that performed the calculation). Compliance necessitates a greater quantity of steel to be used in construction, essentially approximately 30/40% more, and an increased workforce to perform all the particular works requested. In addition the concrete must be of a superior quality and with each casting, samples must be taken that are sent to a laboratory to verify its characteristics.

FOUNDATIONS AND OTHER REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES that comply with the strict parameters imposed by legislation for seismic areas.

POLYETHYLENE VENTILATED CRAWL SPACE i.e. the use of “crab” type elements in order to insulate the house from the ground. In addition, the crawl space is connected externally to the ventilation pipes for the disposal of radon, a gas that is harmful for residents of the house.

ALL THE WATERPROOFING against moisture or water infiltration is performed with a double layer of excellent 4 mm thick polyester textene sheathing that is tested for temperatures up to -10°C. The choice of a -10°C sheath is dictated not by the fact that in San Teodoro temperatures reach -10°C but that this type of sheath has a higher quality than common polyester sheaths on the market. In the terraces and porches in addition to the above aspects, two successive coats of waterproofing cement reinforced with mesh and perimeter band are applied.

THERMAL INSULATION: This is performed using support masonry consisting of 55% perforated Alveolater blocks, that already have good basic insulation characteristics, with the addition of cladding with ESP 120 panels of highly oversized thickness with respect to the legal requirements thereby providing excellent isolation and the elimination of thermal bridges.
The ceilings are insulated with EPS 150 panels after the laying of a vapour barrier. It is a little known fact that the mere laying of insulation panels without a vapour barrier is useless as after a few years the insulating power of the panels almost entirely vanishes. The floors are insulated with a consistent thickness of a special voided cellular concrete with high performance of thermal and acoustic insulation.

SOUNDPROOFING: implemented in the intermediate floors, also within the same real estate unit, with high-density matting (approximately 1,300 kg/m3) which provides sound insulation characteristics, far above the normal insulating mats available on the market. The only common partition wall is acoustically insulated with a support block of a good weight and the subsequent realisation of a double brick wall and inside the cavity high-density insulation. All the flooring of the lower floors of the building are constructed on floating screeds in order to avoid the transmission of noise and vibrations.

WINDOW AND DOOR FRAMES: lamellar meranti wood exteriors of 68 mm with low emission glass that provides a very low value of thermal transmittance.
All the glass is also shatterproof. The interior finish is white while the outer finish is a light walnut colour. The internal doors are made from the best American ash wood that is brushed and painted white. The entry door to the courtyard is made from solid wood panels that incorporates a sheet of yellow San Giacomo granite, which is very aesthetically pleasing.

WOODEN ROOF: on the first floor a pitched sloping roof in white painted wood was created. It confers a brightness, a warmth and an aesthetic pleasantness to the environments that is quite particular. The roof has no load-bearing functions as above an actual core concrete roof was created with all the insulations and waterproofing elements.

SYSTEMS: electric systems – with Btcino Light series switch surrounds with various cut-out switches and differentials in relation to the utilities.
Hydraulic system – Geberit multilayer supply system pipes and command control unit of the individual utilities in everything bathroom. Drainage with Geberit HD Pe supply system pipes.

HEAT PUMPS: inverter type heating and cooling in energy class A+. Given the high degree of thermal insulation, there is relatively little consumption to heat or cool the environment.

PRODUCTION OF DOMESTIC HOT WATER: with thermal solar panel composed of two solar collectors and a 300 lt accumulation tank.

BATHROOM FITTINGS AND FIXTURES: strictly made in Italy; the fittings are hung by Globo, a leading Italian company in the sector.
The fixtures are provided by the company IB Rubinetterie with a 10-year warranty.

FLOORING: Created with Sardinian Orosei acid-etched marble. The tiles measure 1.05 m x 1.05 m and were cut from blocks of quarry marble in an offset manner in order to provide continuity in the veining; the cost is € 105/m2. The effect is very pleasing and it is like walking over a seamless slab.
On the first floor the Cerasarda flooring has a bleached wood effect, also of excellent quality and very bright; costing € 62/m2.

CLADDING: Handmade Cerasarda tiles, model “I gioielli del mare”, are glazed with the colours of the sea… turquoise; price: € 230/m2. The top edge of the tiles is finished with a band of “nuggets”, again by the same company, Cerasarda, in turquoise, white and blue; cost € 825/m2, that’s not a mistake… you read it correctly.

EXTERIOR FINISH: The granite used to clad the external walls is “clearly” Sardinian, yellow San Giacomo type, mined from the quarries of Sant’Antonio di Gallura. The work involves splitting and each block is squared and worked on site to achieve a more contemporary final aesthetic appearance. A team of two stonecutters is able, at most, to produce in a day’s work the laying of approximately 2.5 square meters of cladding. The cost of installation, material included, per m2 is €260, which is triple the cost of “classic” stone cladding which is found in most of the other buildings constructed in San Teodoro.
The frames around the exterior doors and windows are likewise San Giacomo granite with a rough-hewn finish.
The few non-Italian or EU made materials are for example the technological elements.
We are at your disposal for further information and for technical details.