Your home in sardinia. as unique as you are.
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For many years now we have been creating prestigious residences in San teodoro

The attention to detail and the options for personalisation distinguish us and differentiate our houses. The elegance of the precious materials such as marble, the Sardinian granite and the ceramic combined with the warmth of wood contribute to making the homes cosy and comfortable…

Enjoy at home the beauty of the surrounding landscape

Owning a Blue house means owning a retreat away from the smog and stress of everyday life, in one of the most beautiful and famous parts of Sardinia. What makes our residences unique is the attention to detail. The choice of building materials and elegant finishes dissolve the boundaries between inside and outside…

A good investment not just for revaluation

Owning a Blue residence also means enjoying a guaranteed income. Through the services offered by our “Il Mare” company we can rent your home throughout the summer or for the months when you won’t be using it, in any case guaranteeing you a profit…

San Teodoro


The seabed

Sports and activities

The countryside

Food and wine traditions

La cura nelle scelte costruttive

We decided to invest in national productions, recognising the very high quality
of the Made in Italy concept.
For this reason our residences were built with 92% of the materials being made in Italy.
We only used producers outside of Europe for a few technological components.
The exclusivity of our properties is ensured throughout in order to ensure optimum strength, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation: superior construction quality, a fundamental requirement for properties to increase their value over time.

Classe energetica

The energy efficiency rating indicates the quantity of energy needed to meet the different needs associated with the standard use of the dwelling, including its cooling and heating. As a result we are able to understand what the cost will be to live comfortably in the house. It is also an excellent parameter to understand the quality of the materials used in its construction.
Our residences have the energy rating “A” or “A+”, and also help to reduce polluting emissions resulting in a greater respect for the environment around us.

The energy rating is achieved thanks to the use of solar panels and high-efficiency inverter heat pumps.

Conformità sismica

Our properties are in compliance with the legal requirements relating to seismic areas.
Not everyone knows that the Island falls within zone 4 in the classification of seismic areas as is governed by Sardinian Regional Legislative Decree of 30/03/2004 no. 15/31. Properties must also be constructed in compliance with the zone 4 directives where there is a low (but not zero) risk of earthquake.
All properties that have reinforced concrete foundations, curbs or columns (therefore essentially all properties) must meet the requirements in order to be compliant.
Constructing a compliant property is primarily in order to respect the law but is also an index of the construction quality. In fact, the requirements of law compel compliance with a very rigid construction procedure that involves the appointment of an engineer or a qualified technician who prepares the calculations for the design of reinforced concrete structures, submits them to the Civil Engineering Offices, and overseas management of the works, verifying compliance of the specific processes. Compliance necessitates a greater quantity of steel to be used in construction by approximately 30/40% and an increased workforce to perform all the particular works requested.
In addition the concrete must be of a superior quality and with each casting, samples must be taken that are sent to a laboratory to verify its characteristics.
Upon completion of the work, final testing must be carried out by another qualified technician who must be independent, who may not hold other positions within the construction site, to verify that the work of reinforced concrete has been performed to a workmanlike standard.

Our houses protect us. Not only from dangers but from excessive heat, cold and noise. By day as we regenerate or at night while we sleep.
Every moment of your holiday is important.


The thermal insulation of our buildings is achieved by using support masonry consisting of 55% perforated Alveolater blocks.
The good insulating properties of this material are further improved by the addition of cladding with ESP 120 panels of highly oversized thickness with respect to the legal requirements thereby providing excellent isolation and the elimination of thermal bridges.
The ceilings are insulated with EPS 150 panels after the laying of a vapour barrier.
The laying of insulation panels without a vapour barrier is completely useless as after a few years their insulating power almost entirely vanishes.
The floors are insulating with a consistent thickness of a special voided cellular concrete with high performance of thermal and acoustic insulation.
The measure of how much the elements that make up the home disperse heat in the winter or the cold in summer is indicated by the U coefficient of thermal transmittance. The lower the U-value, the better the quality of construction insulation.
For example, our values are: Walls: 0.24 W/m2 K improved by 41% compared to the legal value of 0.41 W/m2 K (climate zone B);
Roofs 0.258 W/m2 K improved by 20% compared to the legal value of 0.32 W/m2 K (climate zone B)


Aimed at ensuring greater privacy for its residents, the sound insulation of our residences is guaranteed in every environment and we create it in this manner: on the floor, before the implementation of technological systems, the first layer of sound-absorbing panels is laid consisting of high-density rubber (approximately 1300kg/m3) which gives high-sound absorption properties. With the systems in place, voided concrete with high acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics is cast on site and above this, a second layer of sound-absorbing panels consisting of high-density rubber. Around the perimeter of the rooms is laid the sound-absorbing perimeter band which prevents the screed from adhering onto which are laid the tiles on the perimeter walls. In this way the floor is isolated and the vibrations caused by noise are not transmitted to the rest of the structure; this is called floating screed.
Any partition wall between two different property units is made with a support block of a good weight and the subsequent realisation of a double brick wall and inside the cavity rubber high-density floating panels with sound-absorbing power.

The attention to detail that sets us apart is also reflected in the choice of materials and finishes.
Only “first choice” materials that gives the Blue residences a high level of quality.

  • The external window frames are made of meranti 68 mm wood strips with low-emissivity glass thereby ensuring a very low thermal transmittance value. All the glass is shatterproof. The interior finish is white while the external one is in blond walnut. The exterior glass of the bathrooms is reflective with Antelio treatment. The internal doors are made from the best American ash wood that is brushed and painted white. The entry door is made from solid wood panels that incorporates a sheet of yellow San Giacomo granite, which is very aesthetically pleasing. Frames with thermal insulation value “Thermal transmittance Uw = 1.7 W/m2K. The rule that the lower the value the better the material used is always valid. The exposed wooden roof is only for aesthetic purposes as above an actual reinforced concrete roof was created with all the insulations and waterproofing elements.
  • The electrical systems are made with Bticino Light series switch surrounds in accordance with CEI 64-8 ED. 2012 with main switch, four differential switches, 7 breakers and a timer to control the outside lights. The system is of course dimensioned according to the utilities installed.
  • The hydraulic system includes Geberit multilayer supply system pipes. All the utilities (wc, bidet, sink, etc.) are controlled by different units so that they can be managed independently. The drainage pipes inside the house are made of HD polyethylene. For its maintenance various floor drains are provided and inspection points are provided in the external line of connection with the municipal sewerage.
  • The air conditioning and heating system is inverter type in energy class “A+”. The internal splits were also chosen with an eye for design. Given the high degree of thermal insulation, there is relatively little consumption to heat or cool the environments.
  • Solar panel. The production of domestic hot water is ensured by a thermal solar panel composed of two solar collectors and a 300 lt accumulation tank.
  • Bathroom fittings and fixtures. The attention to detail is also evident in the choice of bathroom fittings and fixtures, all strictly made in Italy; The fittings are “suspended” type and are produced by “Globo”, a leading Italian company in the sector. The fixtures, with a 10-year warranty, are provided by the Italian company “IB Rubinetterie” known for the creation of design elements.
  • The floors are made using Orosei acid-etched marble that helps to give a warm atmosphere to any room. The tiles measure 1.05 m x 1.05 m and were cut from blocks of quarry marble in an offset manner in order to provide continuity in the veining. The effect thus obtained is very pleasing and it is like walking over one large seamless marble slab. The floor costs € 105/m2. Alternatively the customer can choose the Cerasarda white strip with a bleached wood effect which is very pleasant and helps to illuminate environments, making them very welcoming. This type of flooring costs € 62/m2.
  • The cladding is created using “I gioielli del mare” tiles, the higher-end version that the Cerasarda company produces, which are entirely handmade and glazed in shades of blue. Cost € 230/m2. The top edge of the tiles is finished with a band of “nuggets”, again by the same company, in turquoise, white and blue. These nuggets are made by breaking the biscuit of the tile and putting these fragments into a cement mixer that by turning, smoothes the corners. They are then glazed by hand. Their cost is € 825 m2.
  • The external finishes are created using San Giacomo type granite that is mined from the quarries of Sant’Antonio di Gallura. The work involves splitting and each stone is worked on site, squaring it to achieve a more contemporary final aesthetic appearance The cost of installation, material included, is € 260/m2, which is triple the cost of “common” cladding used in most of the houses in San Teodoro. The same material is used to create, through chisel working, the external window frames, the doorsteps and the window sills.