Owning a Blue house means owning a retreat away from the smog and stress of everyday life, in one of the most beautiful and famous parts of Sardinia.
What makes our residences unique is the attention to detail. The choice of building materials and elegant finishes dissolve the boundaries between inside and outside.
The beauty of the Orosei marble floors, the blue of the Cerasarda ceramic and the study of the lighting are just some of the elements that combine to enhance any environment.
We are committed to making your home safe and comfortable so that your stay in Sardinia is unforgettable.
All the houses are close to the most important services which means you can leave the car at home and walk to the shops, to the post office, the bank or the newsagents.

Lotto 31-2
Plot no.31/2
Lotto 31
Plot no.31
Lotto 40
Plot no.40
Lotto 33
Plot no.33
Plot no.28
Lotto 32
Plot no.32
Lotto 1
Plot no.1
Plot no.12
Plot no.34
Lotto 30
Plot no.30
Plot no.29
Plot no.2/6
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