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Traditional recipes, new flavours

To learn about an area and its people, sampling it’s cuisine is an absolute must. The Gallura cuisine, like all peasant food and wine traditions, consists of simple dishes but it has wisely incorporated the few ingredients produced from the land: milk, meat, honey and vegetables.
The bars and restaurants offer the opportunity to sample typical Gallura dishes, first of all the Gallura soup, or the mazza frìssa, a delicately flavoured combination obtained from semolina and cream.
Then there are the delicious fish, oysters and mullet from Laguna.
Finally, to end a good meal, the inevitable desserts: li cucciuléddi milàti (filled with honey, almonds, walnuts, cinnamon and orange peel) or li rujoli (meatballs with ricotta or fresh cheese fried and dipped in hot honey).
This should all be accompanied by a very good wine. You can choose from the famous Vermentino di Gallura D.O.C.G. or a Cannonau, a Carignano, a Monica or many others.