Your home in sardinia. as unique as you are.
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For many years now we have been creating prestigious residences in San Teodoro.

The attention to detail and the options for personalisation distinguish us and differentiate our houses. The elegance of the precious materials such as marble, the Sardinian granite and the ceramic combined with the warmth of wood contribute to making the homes cosy and comfortable. In our designs we always consider your needs to create or modify any construction detail according to your tastes so that the residence will become your home.
The construction quality and the after-sales services such as gardening, cleaning and maintenance will remove any concerns you may have about the property, allowing you peace of mind knowing that our company will take care of your home in your absence.

Purchasing a Blue residence is a guaranteed investment over the years to come, also with the possibility of enjoying an income from management of the property (from holiday rentals for example).